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  • MaterialHyaluronic Acid

[Ma Joong Corporation]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Our Filler is made ofby Hyaluronic Acid so called "HA" which is known as the safest ingredient of filler product,

adding 100% cross- linked structure between each molecule to long-lasting duration,

Furthernore, our Filler even diversifies its Full Line-Up series depending on molecular size to choose one following injected region.



* Full Line Up


Various choice and accurate application

(Regenovue Fine, Regenovue Deep, Regenovue Sub-Q)


Includes fillers with L i d o c a i n e  (3ml)



High Quality Hyaluronic Acid


Non-animal base


Bacterial extract; natural substance


High Purity (Endotoxin < 0.00151u/mg)


Natural absorption



Highly Crossed-linked


Linking material: BDDE


Specialized manufacturing technique


Increasing volume and duration




High Viscosity


Long-lasting duration


Supports skin tissue stably to maintain elasticity




Highly Consistent Monophasic Structure


Regular and compact pattern


Stable and constant structure


Natural volume


Smooth injection





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