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Skin Care Injector

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 Dermashine Balance Injector System is an Innovative Digital Injector System (With Sauction Screw and Multi Needle) utilzing Dermashine Balance Aspirator.


Multi Screw Needle consisting of 9 needles is easily injected to the firm inject-sites. 

Dermashin Balance Aspirator makes inject-sites firm by pulling it upward. 

This procedure occurs simultaneously and injection can be made surprisingly easily ans fast. 


Main Points of Dermashine Balance System 

Dermashine Balance System 

  : Enables Suction Screw multi needle to penetrate the body smmothly 

  : Challenge treatment zones that are difficult to inject manually.  

Dermashine Injector inject equal  amount of medicine into desired depth (0~2mm) of inject-sites uniformly distributed. 

Treatment productivity increase due to 9pin multi needle: 

   : Less time & effort required. 

Maximize patients' satisfaction: 

   : Less recovery time & pain  

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Skin Care Injector

Skin Care Injector

Skin Care Injector

Skin Care Injector

Skin Care Injector